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About EEMA

The Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) is an autonomous and non-profit registered body of companies, institutions and professionals operating within the Events and Experiential Marketing industry of India. The Industry has grown exponentially over the last two decades with over 1000 entities operating in this space, in various segments and levels across 100+ cities in India. EEMA is the first and only body of its kind, which seeks to bring together the country’s leading Event Management, Sports Management and Brand Activation companies, MICE and Wedding Planners, Experiential Marketers, Entertainment Professionals.

Mr. Sanjoy Roy

President - EEMA

Message from the President

With the idea of broad basing our engagement with the larger event eco system, we have taken forward the idea and intent behind the annual Spotlight Awards and placed them within the regional context.

Each zone will have its own Spotlight Award, which will be used to showcase the best from across the industry. to, government, policy makers, corporate clients and the social events fraternity. Local players will find an opportunity to showcase their excellence and their competencies and bring to the fore new inventions, technologies, developments and design which will go a long way in celebrating the diversity and the efficiency of the event world. In todays economy, innovation and service is key. This is the unique selling proposition that we have for our clients.

Anand and Anand, India’s premier law firm will be auditing our process and the awards.

Spotlight’s Chairperson and EEMA General Secretary, Himanshu Shah and Secretary and head of digital and communication Deepak Pawar has worked with the Zonal Vice Presidents and our secretariat led by General Manager, Prakash Narayan to augment the categories, formulate the criteria and submission process which will be available online shortly.

The Spotlight awards will be rolled out across the zones in March through April of 2020. I do hope you all will encourage participation in the process and ensure that your vendor partners get to know of this opportunity created to celebrate their priceless input.

Mr. Himanshu Shah

General Secretary

Message from the Chair – Zonal Spotlight Awards

EEMA was formed to play the role as an apex body for the Event Industry. As an apex body its one of our responsibility to provide recognition platform to the stake holders of our industry. For Experiential Marketing Agencies we have EEMAX awards. For big players of vendors & artists we have National Spotlight Awards.

Reality is that every big or small agencies needs support at the State level. This state level agencies are the core support system for our business. The need is to identify such players at the state and zonal level and provide an opportunity of recognition of their hard work, quality and creativity. Keeping this in mind and make EEMA more inclusive this ZONAL & State level awards have been conceptualized. Format of this project is to make it financially self sustainable and organize them as a pure business awards ceremony.

Its my appeal to all to motivate and push your supply chain to participate in this awards which in turn will also help in raising the bar of deliveries which is of prime importance to our businesses and our industry.

Vipul Pandhi

Zonal Vice President North

Message from the Vice President (North)

Spotlight Awards were conceived with the objective of recognizing and rewarding partners who contribute towards the success of our events while mostly being behind the scenes. The idea is to acknowledge partners who are doing great work over the years across regions along with offering a platform to budding entrepreneurs to showcase their work, get recognized by the industry body and ensure that many more event managers take note of them paving way for their exponential growth.

In last two editions, it was observed that some of our partners who have grown huge over the years mostly in cities like Delhi & Mumbai were only getting recognized and the format was such that upcoming partners in other regions never stood a chance basis scale / budget limitations to win the coveted awards.

Regional spotlight awards I feel is the first step in ensuring that we as an industry can identify, acknowledge and reward the talent across the length and breadth of the country. This will not only be able to motivate partners to raise their delivery standards while ensuring we as an industry grow to the next level but will also serve as guiding force for event managers looking for partners outside Delhi & Mumbai.

This is an ambitious attempt to help the industry grow in delivery standards, identify upcoming partners offering excellent services and giving them an opportunity to connect with the leading event managers of the country enabling them to grow their business manifolds in short time.

I invite partners and event managers across regions to come forward, participate and make this a grand success for all stakeholders.

K.Arun Kumar

Zonal Vice President South

Message from the Vice President (South)

This year spot light awards is being planned to go zonal. This helps is giving opportunities to the local regional service providers and partners to get enough opportunity in the region as well as in the national level. With an objective recognizes excellence in work and best practices Zonal Spotlight Awards provides great opportunity to honor the unsung heroes of the industry's ecosystem from the respective states. This is one of the best opportunities for them to showcase themselves in the national level.

I would request the entire south Indian events fraternity to come forward and participate and gain national recognition & accolade from the best of the industry ecosystem.

Reema Sanghavi

Zonal Vice President West

Message from the Vice President (West)

At EEMA, we believe in celebrating our ecosystem and recognising the efforts of each of our partners who help us create unique experiences, be it our resourceful vendor base, our talented artists, our prolific decorators and the many individuals who contribute their expertise.

Zonal spotlight awards presents a platform where pioneers, individuals, organisations, old associates and entrants get together to share their experiences, ideas, accomplishments and achievements under a single roof, thus, bringing our community closer than ever!

For West Zone Spotlight Awards, we plan on creating an experience that can nurture and further grow this industry by leaps and bounds and take this IP to next level.

Vijay Kant Bokaria

Zonal Vice President East

Message from the Vice President (East)

I consider Zonal spotlight awards as important as eemax itself for multiple reasons . Firstly our ecosystem is very important and our partners or suppliers play a very crucial role in our delivery or rather say turning the dream into reality and create wow factor.

Secondly, it's a platform to recognise them for their efforts and helps them realize their strengths which in turn helps their business grow .

Lastly being regional awards, it gives the winners an opportunity to market themselves PAN India about their capabilities.

Mr. Prakash Narayanan

General Manager

Message from the General Manager

“God is in the details” is an ancient saying. The one element that makes this phrase true for any successful event is the event support partners who make a huge difference to any event.

Zonal Spotlight award is the most essential accolade in the world of events. It represents outstanding achievements, top quality services, or fascinating creativity in producing cutting-edge event experiences.

Zonal Spotlight Awards is more than a competition recognizing excellence. Today it’s a fountain of ideas for the industry and a one-of-a-kind showcase of the best practices, the most original ideas, and the top innovations.


To secure for the events & entertainment industry its due place in India's economy

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